April 2011

eBook Stories Old and New

by gary on April 11, 2011

This site is designed to bring you many exciting stories and tales.  The majority of the stories and tales have facts and details inter-twined in the text.  The Authors recall of the incidents and situations that creates the story maybe a little fuzzy to start with, but when emotions and feeling are introduced, marvelous recall occurs.  The focus of telling the stories will be on descriptively presenting the information to include the experiences and feeling of the authors.

We discovered that time has a way of messing with one’s memory.  We cherish our authors memories of events in their lives and wish to present them in their own style.  When we have the opportunity to participate in the telling of a story we encourage the author to share their emotions and felling.   We publish these stories for your enjoyment and pleasure and also so our Authors may receive the recognition and acknowledgement they so deserve.